Presidential Tour of Turkey 2018

The sport continues in Turkey with the Presidential Tour of Turkey 2018. HELI AND CO provides Live Air Images with AS355 and AS350B3. Six cycling stages and the rediscovery of this beautiful Turkey off the beaten path ...


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The fleet

  • Hélicoptère Ecureuil AS355N


    • Cruising speed: 230km/hr (124kts)
    • Maximum speed: 278 km/hr (150kts)
    • Cabin capacity: 1+5
    • Sliding or removable door
    • Maximum cargo swing load: 850 kg
    • Maximum cargo swing load: 1134 kg
  • Hélicoptère Ecureuil AS350BA


    • Cruising speed: 230 km/hr (124kts)
    • Maximum speed: 287 km/hr (155kts)
    • Cabin capacity: 1+5
    • Sliding door 
  • Hélicoptère Robinson RH44


    • Removable doors
    • Maximum speed: 240 km/hr (130kts)
    • Cabin capacity: 1+3

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The fleet is composed by Airbus helicopters
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