European nuclear detection exercise

HELI AND CO participated at the largest European nuclear detection exercise. It took place in Vaucluse under the tutelage of the Orange B-115 military base and the Atomic Energy Commission. Great honour to be part of that unique experience with a fantastic european team!


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The fleet

  • Hélicoptère Ecureuil AS355N


    • Cruising speed: 230km/hr (124kts)
    • Maximum speed: 278 km/hr (150kts)
    • Cabin capacity: 1+5
    • Sliding or removable door
    • Maximum cargo swing load: 850 kg
    • Maximum cargo swing load: 1134 kg
  • Hélicoptère Ecureuil AS350BA


    • Cruising speed: 230 km/hr (124kts)
    • Maximum speed: 287 km/hr (155kts)
    • Cabin capacity: 1+5
    • Sliding door 
  • Hélicoptère Robinson RH44


    • Removable doors
    • Maximum speed: 240 km/hr (130kts)
    • Cabin capacity: 1+3

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